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Often the cough is mild and produces little sputum. The prognosis may be worsened by the possibility of pulmonary edema and emphysema. In the case of intermediate pneumonia, it is difficult to determine any significant changes by auscultation and percussion. On the radiograph, children have no lesions, the transparency of the lung tissue increases and the broncho-vascular pattern is significantly pronounced. Treatment of interstitial pneumonia in a child is always carried out in a hospital with the use of oxygen support. For infants, the inhalation method of candesartan pills used. Antibiotics are selected depending on the pathogen present in the body. Complex treatment consists of restorative techniques and physiotherapy.

Interstitial pneumonia is characterized by imprecise and vague symptoms, so diagnosing the disease is difficult. To determine the presence of inflammation, the following procedures are performed. Measurement of external respiration functions - allows you to determine existing pulmonary ventilation disorders. Chest X-ray – provides information about noticeable changes in the lung area. Analysis of blood gas composition EchoCG, ECG - carried out in case of suspected heart failure Lung biopsy - this procedure allows you to determine the morphological form of pneumonia. A biopsy is performed only if it is impossible to buy candesartan online other studies, and the disease is rapidly progressing.

Treatment of interstitial pneumonia is based on anti-inflammatory therapy, which involves the use of cytostatics, glucocorticoids, and hormonal agents. The duration of drug treatment varies from 3 months to several years. Radiological and clinical improvements occur in a third of patients. Determining the effectiveness of therapy is based on a combination of several indicators at intervals of 3-6 months. The strength of cough decreases, shortness of breath disappears. X-ray features decrease. Blood gas exchange is stabilized. If there is no dynamics in any direction during the treatment process, this indicates a normalization of the process. If the general condition worsens over six months, the X-ray results buy atacand online - this indicates the ineffectiveness of the chosen technique.

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When sclerosis of lung tissue develops, experts recommend the use of oxygen therapy, which can significantly prolong the patient’s life. Important. Severe forms of the disease require a lung transplant. Chronic nonspecific pneumonia is understood as chronic inflammatory diseases of the lungs, characterized by periodic outbreaks of the inflammatory process that arise on the basis of structural changes in the lung tissue and bronchi, and leading to their progression.

Chronic bronchitis plays a very important role in the occurrence of chronic nonspecific pneumonia. Accompanied in a significant proportion of atacand by a violation of bronchial patency and drainage function of the bronchi, chronic bronchitis, firstly, contributes to the occurrence of repeated acute pneumonia, and secondly, to their protracted course and transition to chronic. Re-infection of the bronchial tree apparently occurs due to sinusitis, which is found very often in patients with chronic pneumonia.

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